Machine Learning

Classical machine learning algorithms have brought revolutions in most industries operating with any significant amount of data. Applying algorithms correctly, framing solutions within the context of your business objectives, and iterating through results define success in these engagements.


Deep Learning

Deep learning has pushed the frontiers of what is possible in mathematical computing. From recognizing faces in video streams to achieve near human level performance in medical diagnostics, these complex algorithms provide breakthrough level performance with the correct data in many industries.


Scalable Data Aggregation and ETL Platforms

Prior to analyzing and extracting insights from datasets is the fundamental need to collect as much of it as possible. These services gear towards helping clients identity the best data sources to extract business value from alongside developing extensive and equitable data stores for valueable information.


Natural Language Processing

Understanding textual data in any language is at the forefront of the legal, customer experience, and media analytics industries. Use cases in this field include chatbots to interact with customers, reputation management on social media, and knowledge discovery via automated fact-finding algorithms.


Time Series Predictive Algorithms

Time series algorithms take into account datasets in which time is a significant component, such as stock or cryptocurrency trading, customer buying behavior, sensor data, and fraud detection. Special care must be given to account for the statistical character of these datasets in order to achieve proper results in the context of machine learning.

Video and Image Processing

Video and image analytics are at the forefront of scalable data analytics, achieving excellent results in object detection, individual identification, and tracking of important targets in surveillance videos. Achieving world class results requires the unique expertise in software and analytics our firm provides.